2k RAM

I was working on the display for my clock Sunday night and started to think about everything the code a little. I’m beginning to think 2k is going to go real fast with DHCP an SNTP buffers, seven segment serial driver, I2C driver, and a little UI.

As for the display, it’s made with blue 0.5-inch seven segment displays and a four blue leds for the colons. I tested out the colons on a breadboard and decided to put them in series, they seem pretty dim now. I guess that’s how it is now. To drive the seven segment displays I’m using six 74HC595 shift registers. I’m wiring it up with a sandwich of circuit boards, the front having the LEDs and the back having the 74HC595 chips and a couple connectors. The boards are held together with 48 resistors and a couple wires. Right now I have only two displays wired.

I’m also thinking about the UI. I think I’ll use one button. Hold to enter menu, press to advance through the menu, hold to change item. Also thinking hold for 3 seconds might cause a reset.

Looks like I’ll be getting to know the Interrupts. Come to think of it, I better check the libraries I’m using, they might be using the timer interrupts.

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