Clock case work

A little more progress on the hardware. I have mounting holes for the 5-volt power supply, holes for the front display and the front display now has a mounting mechanism. I have leads soldered up to the power inlet and the joints are covered in heat-shrink.

I took some new pictures which follow this post.

The front and back covers are laser cut acrylic, and I hate to start cutting up the nice parts with traditional tools. However, I think I need to have a pushbutton to make some settings changes possible. I also thought a serial port might be nice.

I’m using some 4-40 socket head bolts to hold the covers on. The case came with some sheet-metal screws that just bore their way into the aluminum. With my new bolts I tapped the holes. I have to say I prefer tapping steel for two reasons, first it doesn’t gum up the tap nearly as much, and second I use cutting fluid which is chlorinated parifin-with steel the tap builds up enough heat to burn the fluid creating little whiffs of smoke and I kinda dig the smell.

I will probably take my chances with a drill and make a hole for a push button. I think I’m going to pass on the serial port though. And by serial port I mean a place to connect a FTDI FT232RL cable or adapter. I can always get a new cover cut too. I’m trying to figure out what I would use as a connector though, that I have room for and that I can support or mount.

A FT232 port would make reprograming the microcontroller a breeze if I use a bootloader. I’d also consider a CLI or menu system for configuration. Debug information would be the final use I see.

I was going to make mounting holes for the main circuit board, but I’m not sure what I’ll use for a board yet so I think I should start working on the software.

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