Clock Display: done

Finally done with the clock display. I still have to work on the mounting bracket, but the tough part is done.

Way too many connections. A custom circuit board and surface mount components would have made this a lot easier.

There are 48 resistors between the two circuit board. On the rear board are six 8-bit shift registers that hold the “data” to display on the six 7-segment LED displays on the front board. Each register has power and ground connections along with eight output connections to the LEDs. Between each register there are five control signals (clock, latch, serial data, clear, blanking). All the wiring is point to point with wire-wrap wire. I was going to add decoupling capacitors across the registers like a good EE but in the end I didn’t want to mess anything else up.

Enjoy the photos. I was playing around with some text while testing.

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