Laser Cut Covers

Saturday I made it to TAP Plastics and picked up a piece of 3mm smoke acrylic. I actually found a piece about 11″x11″ in the cut offs bin, for $1.70. I knew I could cut this with my router and make a terrible mess, nearly hurt myself and perhaps get once piece right out of the entire sheet, or go somewhere and have it laser cut.

I’d been meaning to check out Metrix CREATE:SPACE up on Capitol Hill in Seattle, so Saturday night we went out and found it. I drove by initially because it’s hiding in the lower level just South of the corner of Broadway and Roy with a VFD tube sign hanging in the window that said “CREATE | SPACE” and laser cut hours sign 12 PM – 12 AM.

I had created a design with Illustrator, my Mac refused to eject my USB drive and it was corrupt when I pulled it out. Fortunately I planned for it to fail and copied the EPS file to a webserver. Once it was downloaded they said it was good and I sat down with my laptop and Gwyn with her knitting. Three minutes later, at $2.00/minute, I had my parts all cut. A bit of a drive, but next time we will plan ahead and visit some friends along the way.

I made a couple extra, just incase. While not in this picture, I have the original aluminum covers and when I hold the finished pieces up to the original it is almost a perfect match.

Next step is to finish the display electronics to go behind the solid cover.

2 Responses to “Laser Cut Covers”

  1. J. Reichelt writes:

    Thats totally cool! I didn’t realize they had cut to order places for the general public… I want to come with you guys next time to check it out.

  2. J.P. writes:

    It turns out the data was on the flash drive, but it has a GUID partition table and Windows doesn’t want anything to do with it.