Finished Ethernet Clock Hardware

On Saturday I took a trip to Metrix Create:Space to laser cut a new back cover. A little rewiring and many disassemble/reassemble cycles and the hardware is done. It’s now time to sit down and get the software done.

I’ve been creating and running test programs on the hardware to play around and make sure everything is working. Now I just need to create or track down the missing pieces like DHCP and a display font, then integrate, test, enjoy.

On the back you might notice a pin header under the Ethernet port. This lets me plug in a FTDI USB-Serial adapter to program the hardware. I’m using the Atmel AVR ATMega328 from an Adafruit Boarduino kit, with the Arduino bootloader intact. I’ll probably use the Arduino libraries if I can without running out of resources. If not I’ll just use straight C or C++.

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  1. C. Alexander Leigh writes:

    Very cool!