uptime silliness

A while ago I was upset that DNS queries seemed to be taking a long time at home. I was using an older Solaris bundled version of Bind. I had read there was an issue that could cause slow response times, and things seemed slow, but I’m a Comcast customer and things often seem slow.

Comcast DNS servers always seemed slow to me so I decided to build myself a new DNS server.

I had an Intel D945GCLF2 dual-core atom board handy and an old 40 gb hard drive so I installed OpenSolaris on the drive and configured my DNS server. Fast forward probably 18 months and that same machine is still running and it’s picked up a couple more tasks, like hosting this blog.

Originally the system was a temporary fix. Initially I just perched it all on the edge of my desk. Later I pulled off a used firewire card I was testing and DVD drive before tossing it all up on top of a bookshelf. When the powersupply fan failed I didn’t want to disturb the uptime and pulled it hot. Not having a suitable replacement fan I just plugged in a chassis fan.

Now running for 424 days without a reboot, on wall power, I hate to decommission it. I mean over a year without a reboot is kind of fun to brag about. Then again I have a system at work with 1,410 days of uptime today, yes more than 3.8 years!

Last week I took the system down to inspect it. The northbridge fan has now stopped and the entire thing is covered in dust. I laughed a little, then simply put it back on top of the shelf. I still don’t want to mess with the uptime. And it was just a temporary fix.

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