Archives for the Month of February, 2011

Little Victories

After weeks of searching I found the source code to an old program I wanted to port to a microcontroller. I think it’d would have helped if I went into the search knowing the name of the program. It was written for X11 on Unix systems. The comments in the code says it was created [...]

IR Sensor network.

I was thinking about making a sensor network. I considered just making every sensor fat with Ethernet. Ethernet modules run around $25 + $0.50 for a MAC address eeprom. That can really add up fast if you have no budget. Then there are ip addresses, configuration code, local interfaces, cables, and power, and wait…a cable, [...]

Don’t Panic

Scott over at Mostly Networks has a good post on keeping calm in stressful situations. I think I do a good job staying collected under most “emergencies.” Running around without fully understanding the situation doesn’t solve problems. Stabbing solutions in without collecting enough context usually just makes a mess. Sometimes you run into something new, [...]