Don’t Panic

Scott over at Mostly Networks has a good post on keeping calm in stressful situations.

I think I do a good job staying collected under most “emergencies.” Running around without fully understanding the situation doesn’t solve problems. Stabbing solutions in without collecting enough context usually just makes a mess.

Sometimes you run into something new, and maybe even potentially big. Don’t make it more than it is and try not to get caught up in how big it is.

Unfortunately, if you work in a shop where there’s a pretend urgency applied to every project and every failure you’re likely to meet up with resistance when you’re the one that’s calm under fire.

Just remember, most of your systems won’t be creating a life and death situation for anyone. Don’t shorten your life with a cloud of stress because of them. If your systems are in a life safety position stay calm and don’t rush so you are focused and can properly repair them.

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