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Clock, clocking

Just a quick photo of the Ethernet Clock running some quick code I wrote. It’s just grabbing the time from the RTC module and displaying the time. Timing it probably off a little since I get the time, send the digits to the display and then wait 1/4 second, what’s 200-300 ms between friends though?

Finished Ethernet Clock Hardware

On Saturday I took a trip to Metrix Create:Space to laser cut a new back cover. A little rewiring and many disassemble/reassemble cycles and the hardware is done. It’s now time to sit down and get the software done. I’ve been creating and running test programs on the hardware to play around and make sure [...]

Little more clock progress

Yesterday I mostly finished the main board for my Ethernet clock. I also rewired the colons so they are each a set of two parallel LEDs. I spent this morning testing it and clearing two solder bridges. The first keeping the clock display from disabling (VCC to /Output Enable). The second keeping the Ethernet module [...]

Clock case work

A little more progress on the hardware. I have mounting holes for the 5-volt power supply, holes for the front display and the front display now has a mounting mechanism. I have leads soldered up to the power inlet and the joints are covered in heat-shrink. I took some new pictures which follow this post. [...]

Clock Display: done

Finally done with the clock display. I still have to work on the mounting bracket, but the tough part is done. Way too many connections. A custom circuit board and surface mount components would have made this a lot easier. There are 48 resistors between the two circuit board. On the rear board are six [...]

2k RAM

I was working on the display for my clock Sunday night and started to think about everything the code a little. I’m beginning to think 2k is going to go real fast with DHCP an SNTP buffers, seven segment serial driver, I2C driver, and a little UI. As for the display, it’s made with blue [...]

Laser Cut Covers

Saturday I made it to TAP Plastics and picked up a piece of 3mm smoke acrylic. I actually found a piece about 11″x11″ in the cut offs bin, for $1.70. I knew I could cut this with my router and make a terrible mess, nearly hurt myself and perhaps get once piece right out of [...]

DHCP Options (for clocks)

A couple DHCP options that are handy for network clocks: 42: NTP Server 100: IEEE 1003.1 TZ String. 101: Reference to the TZ Database. RFC2132, RFC4833

Clock Building

I’ve been thinking about building a clock for a while. I ordered a bunch of parts back in July 2008 with the idea I’d have some clocks made for Christmas presents. Well Christmas 2008 has come and gone and no clocks have been made. I was going to build a clock with some big 1-inch [...]