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Selectric II

Turned on my new (to me) IBM Selectric II Correcting Typewriter tonight. Gwyn picked this up for me from a craigslist seller. Gwyn is somewhat enamored by typewriters (among other things retro) and was ecstatic when I finally picked up some typewriter ribbons for her portable typewriter she found at a thrift shop. This Selectric [...]

IR Sensor network.

I was thinking about making a sensor network. I considered just making every sensor fat with Ethernet. Ethernet modules run around $25 + $0.50 for a MAC address eeprom. That can really add up fast if you have no budget. Then there are ip addresses, configuration code, local interfaces, cables, and power, and wait…a cable, [...]

Building an Engineer [Ignite Talk 2010]

Jeremy Blum talks about what being an engineer is to him. via Jeremy Blum