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Friday Night Rally

Went to my first Friday Rally. Talked Jeremy into being my navigator and nearly killed my wife with emotions and starvation. Finally finished at the Round Table Pizza, bought us all some pizza and Mac and Jack Amber Ale. Some of the veterans said this wasn’t a very good example of a TSD Rally, and [...]

Selectric II

Turned on my new (to me) IBM Selectric II Correcting Typewriter tonight. Gwyn picked this up for me from a craigslist seller. Gwyn is somewhat enamored by typewriters (among other things retro) and was ecstatic when I finally picked up some typewriter ribbons for her portable typewriter she found at a thrift shop. This Selectric [...]

Passive is quiet

Today I just powered up my new Intel D525MW atom board. The thing about the D410PT/D510MO and D425KT/D525MW boards is they are completely passive. If I read things right, you might actually be able to get away with complete passive cooling. I didn’t bring a SATA drive with me today so, zero fans, zero hard [...]