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Clock, clocking

Just a quick photo of the Ethernet Clock running some quick code I wrote. It’s just grabbing the time from the RTC module and displaying the time. Timing it probably off a little since I get the time, send the digits to the display and then wait 1/4 second, what’s 200-300 ms between friends though?

Clock case work

A little more progress on the hardware. I have mounting holes for the 5-volt power supply, holes for the front display and the front display now has a mounting mechanism. I have leads soldered up to the power inlet and the joints are covered in heat-shrink. I took some new pictures which follow this post. [...]

2k RAM

I was working on the display for my clock Sunday night and started to think about everything the code a little. I’m beginning to think 2k is going to go real fast with DHCP an SNTP buffers, seven segment serial driver, I2C driver, and a little UI. As for the display, it’s made with blue [...]

DHCP Options (for clocks)

A couple DHCP options that are handy for network clocks: 42: NTP Server 100: IEEE 1003.1 TZ String. 101: Reference to the TZ Database. RFC2132, RFC4833