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Yesterday around 4:30 pm an old HP DL360 G3 server running Solaris turned 1500 days of uptime. $ uptime 3:00pm up 1500 day(s), 21:43, 2 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 It’s getting close to hitting 1501. That however will be it. I’m going to reboot it later today to confirm some network configuration changes.

Don’t Panic

Scott over at Mostly Networks has a good post on keeping calm in stressful situations. I think I do a good job staying collected under most “emergencies.” Running around without fully understanding the situation doesn’t solve problems. Stabbing solutions in without collecting enough context usually just makes a mess. Sometimes you run into something new, [...]

uptime silliness

A while ago I was upset that DNS queries seemed to be taking a long time at home. I was using an older Solaris bundled version of Bind. I had read there was an issue that could cause slow response times, and things seemed slow, but I’m a Comcast customer and things often seem slow. [...]