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Little Victories

After weeks of searching I found the source code to an old program I wanted to port to a microcontroller. I think it’d would have helped if I went into the search knowing the name of the program. It was written for X11 on Unix systems. The comments in the code says it was created [...]

more /tmp on Mac OS X

I did some more research and finally found out a little more about what happens to /tmp. Actually a bit more about Mac OS X. First, if you’re not paying attention like me, /tmp is a symlink to /private/tmp. In Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Apple replaced (or began to replace) cron, xintd, init, mach_d, [...]


On Solaris files in /tmp are pretty safe while the computer is up. Not sure when it happens, I’m thinking sleep events, but the /tmp directory is not safe on MacOS. I was writing some code to sketch out my timezone conversion for my ethernet clock. Unfortunately I had it in /tmp. I noticed Xcode [...]