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Time for a change. Time for a change.

I propose a change in the way our operating systems let us handle file management. I think most of us with more than a few files have been there, backing up some files, reorganizing all the digital baggage. You start a copy process, but it’s about 3 GB so you’re looking around and find another [...]

Little Victories

After weeks of searching I found the source code to an old program I wanted to port to a microcontroller. I think it’d would have helped if I went into the search knowing the name of the program. It was written for X11 on Unix systems. The comments in the code says it was created [...]

Microcontroller fun

I bought an Arduino about a year ago (1 Nov 2009 according to my email) and I’ve made some LEDs blink, bought some other bits and driven LCDs, logged GPS coordinates, and displayed the temperature. The Arduino is a nice platform and makes programming the microcontroller nice and easy by abstracting away the ugly details. [...]